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with Fatma Albrecht



a 3 Day Being You & Your Body Class in Fethiye - Turkey
with Fatma Albrecht

Bodyliciousss is a class that is dedicated to your sweet body.

A class that is created to open up a new space to be in communion with your body beyond the insanity of this reality and all the right and wrongs with our bodies.

A class full of yumminess, possibilities, nurturing, loving and caring, hedonism, relaxation and a lot of receiving with your sweet body.

What does your body know that you have not even considered yet? 

Would you allow your body to show you the way to a glorious life full of fun wealth and pleasure?


Bodylicousss is a class when your body goes… finally.. ahhhh... you are listening to me... 


Your body is a gift are you ready to acknowledge it?

What you will receive:
- 3 days of You and your Body Class 
- 1 Symphony Group Session by the Sea 20 Min.
- 1 Evening facilitation during a hedonistic Dinner*
- a lot of fun together in the same hotel in a nourishing 

  seaside setting in Turkey

Class Price: 2.000 Euro 

(Country and Repeat Pricing applies)
*not included - Hotel, food, drinks and Flight costs

Venue: Yazz collective Fethiye

You will get more information how to book your room after your registration.

Pre-req: Access Bars

And please join our Telegram Chat for more ease and connecting with others (maybe even find a room mate) 


If you have any further question, please let us know:

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