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Receiving from Men Intensive


12 Weeks

limited number of participants


11 Calls each Tuesday 7 pm CET (1-1,5 h)

1 private Session

1 Symphony Group Session

Telegram Group for support


START: 28th February 2023

7:00 pm CET

Time and Date


on Zoom

with Arabic translation

when you register on the Access Consciousness Website you see what price applies to you OR click on here and check please

100% Country Pricing
80% Country Pricing
65% Country Pricing
monthly Payment
1. Payment - 22nd February
2. Payment - 22nd March
3. Payment - 26th April
or Bank Transfer:

Raiffeisenbank Kirchweihtal eG

Fatma Albrecht

Buchenweg 9

87662 Osterzell

IBAN: DE13 7336 9918 0000 708470


Please send an payment confirmation to:

If you need other information please let me know.

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