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Receiving from Men


3 Part Telecall Series - Extension 

starting June 27th 2024

Call Details: 

4th Call: 27 June  - 7pm CET

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Is the desire for what gives you pleasure.

And how much was that made wrong in you since you are a little child?
The judgments around and about lust are just insane.

Would you like to tap again into this energy of lust and let it run through your whole life and body and relationships?

Do you allow yourself to lust ?
Do you allow yourself to lust for men?
Do you allow yourself to lust for bodies ?
Do you allow yourself to lust for an orgasmic live and living ?
and very important...
Do you allow yourself to be lusted after?

This is my invitation for you to come with me into a different possibility
and explore LUST
with 'Receiving from Men'.

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